Bentonite-Geotextile Waterproofing With Integrated Polyethylene Liner

The Voltex DS composite is comprised of two high strength geotextiles, 1.10-lbs. of sodium bentonite per square foot (the most bentonite in any commercially available waterproofing product), and an integrated polyethylene liner. The two geotextiles are interlocked by a patented needlepunching process which encapsulates and holds the granular bentonite in place and assures a consistent application of material.

Durable Construction

Voltex DS is ideal for waterproofing under slabs and property line applications. Under slabs, Voltex DS can be installed directly over a properly prepared substrate without the need of a concrete mud slab. Its durable composite construction resists damage from tradesman installing reinforcing steel over it. For property line applications, Voltex DS is simply installed against the retention wall and then the concrete is poured directly against it using a single sided form. Other applications include backfilled concrete foundation walls, shotcrete, and cut-and-cover tunnels.


With the durability of the needlepunched composite and low vapor transmission of the geomembrane, Voltex DS offers major construction advantages over adhered sheet membrane and fluid applied waterproofing.

Installation is Fast and Easy 

Simply place into position and secure with a washer head mechanical fastener. Voltex can be installed to green concrete without primers or adhesives, in virtually any weather, including freezing temperatures and damp conditions. When concrete is poured against Voltex DS, a tenacious mechanical bond yielding an average adhesion value of 15 pounds per linear inch (15 pli) is created by the wet concrete solidifying around the geotextile fibers.

  • Underslab
  • Property Line Walls
  • Tunnel Waterproofing
  • Backfilled Walls
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