BENTOSEAL is a trowel-grade bentonite based mastic that is used with CETCO waterproofing systems to detail at membrane terminations, around penetrations, over grouted concrete form-tie holes, and provide fillets to inside wall corners. Unlike most mastics, this premium mastic is capable of swelling and self-sealing upon hydration and is VOC compliant. BENTOSEAL can be covered with a waterproofing membrane immediately after application. BENTOSEAL is not designed for split-slab deck construction; use M-2000 Liquid Flashing for deck work.

Product packaging: 3-gallon (XXX l) pails.




Waterstoppage is chemically treated granular bentonite used as a detailing accessory product with VOLCLAY Waterproofing Systems. When wetted, Waterstoppage forms a dense, low permeable material that combines with the bentonite in the CETCO membranes to form a seamless waterproofing system. Typical application is around slab penetrations, pile caps, and grade beams prior to the waterproofing membrane installation. Waterstoppage is also applied to the roof deck of tunnels and earth covered structures prior to VOLTEX and VOLTEX DS installation.

Product packaging: 50-lb bags (22.6 kg).

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